Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012
Na endlich ein Framework, dass auch cross-universe kompatibel ist! Html9ResponsiveBoilerstrapJS. What took them so long?

Oh, your head hasn't exploded yet? This should do it.
H9RBS.js (v0.0001) is a flexible, dependency-free, lightweight, device-agnostic, modular, baked-in, component framework MVC library shoelacestrap to help you kickstart your responsive CSS-based app architecture backbone kitchensink tweetybirds.
Lässt sich darüberhinaus wirklich leicht installieren:
Just attackclone the grit repo pushmerge, then rubygem the lymphnode js shawarma module – and presto!
» via Nerdcore

 Von mir um 12:44h in coding
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