Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012
One for the night:

SKREAM "Nefariousa"

Stories that begin with a rainbow wig floating scalp-side down in a swimming pool seldom end well. But you never know. This clip for Skream's "Nefariousa" — complete with juggling pins, creams pies, and blonde twins brandishing molotov cocktails — has the potential to turn even the saddest clown's frown upside down. (If you like your smile served with an extra aggro dose of creepy, that is). With its lung-rattling bass line and hardpan synths, "Nefariousa" is a mighty burner. (Track taken from the Scion AV's five track EP Skream & Benga.) View at your own risk. Warning: No Lifeguard On Duty.
» via Discobelle

 Von mir um 02:09h in musique
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