Montag, 29. Dezember 2008
Eine Webcam, ein paar Plugins und es kann los gehen:
If you were impressed by the Mini advertisement which used augmented reality Dan wrote about earlier this week, its now possible for anyone to replicate the same effect. Using a combination of Google Sketchup (free download), an Augmented Reality Plugin(free trial version available), and a webcam, 3d models can be placed in the real world. The AR-plugin allows you to place the 3D model over live video from your webcam, and move it around. ArchDaily tested the setup out and posted the below video showing pretty impressive results.

» weiterlesen bei PSFK

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Den Screensaver gibt´s im Screen rechts unten für Mac & Windows:

» via (wo es noch viel mehr Sachen zu entdecken gibt...)

Hier noch meine letzten beiden, mindestens genauso grossartigen, Screensaver:
Dropclock und Fliqlo

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Schönes Photo-Blog mit interessanten Locations in New York:
What always amazes me about New York is how much there is to see if you pay attention. Every street has a hidden gem or two that go unseen by hundreds (if not thousands) of passersby daily who simply don’t have the time to look around them.

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Schöne Werbung für die Leica D-Lux 3:

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How amazing to hear that 3 of our artists - SHOUT, Adam McCauley and Marc Burckhardt have each received a GOLD award in the Society Of Illustrators Awards.

» mehr von Adam McCauley

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Watercolour / Ink Blot Effect from godonholiday on Vimeo.

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» weitere Zeichnungen und Illustrationen in jimrugg´s LiveJournal

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Xmas morning is the only time that London is (almost) empty of humans - so a morning spent cycling around town taking photos.

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